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Hello Wendy and Peter readers,

If you’ve found this, then you’ve just discovered the latest blog for weddings, life and love stories for the free-spirited…welcome!

I’m Annie, a 30+ advertising sales manager originating from shores of Bondi Beach in Sydney Australia, currently living in London with my proud Yorkshire husband Paul. So why is this Media wanker writing a wedding blog? Well it all began when I was faced with the challenge of planning my own 2 x destination weddings-one in Sydney and one in Sheffield- in under a year and on a stretched budget. At times I found this new experience to be at times like a Disney fairy-tale and at others like bungee jumping with a piece of dental floss.

It was during these high & low moments, that I struggled to find the perfect balance of being a loving partner and wearing the new hat of ‘wedding planner’, while continuing to be a great employee in my Media day job. It was at that moment that I had an epiphany:

We CAN have a feature-worthy, breath-taking wedding of our dreams, without the budget of a London mortgage! I have a husband to be, my family, bridal party & friends – THIS IS OUR SQUAD


“There is no need for Bridezilla moments, if you’re an organised bride”

Fast forward a year, and mine and Paul’s weddings have been featured in the Rock N Roll Bride blog and magazine (my absolute favourite) & when the Mail Online came knocking…Wendy and Peter was born.

So what’s Wendy and Peter?

W+P is a collective of creative minds, talent & couples, sharing our unique wedding planning experiences, expertise & love stories. Our aim is to take you to a wedding Neverland where you can seek inspiration & advice from people who have tied that tricky knot.

We are vintage, boho, flower crown, laced dress & travel obsessed. Your relationship is unique & one of a kind, and your wedding should be too!

And what can you expect to see from us each week?

Each week we’ll be posting the latest love stories, engagements and real weddings so you can get inspiration for your own and share the lurve. We’ll also be including;

  • Features on all things wedding- from finding the perfect dress and ideal venue, to centerpiece styling and menu planning.
  • Finding out that DIY also means ‘Do It YOUR way’. It’s a great tool to ad personal & meaningful touches to your wedding & bring your squad together. So we’ll be shining a spotlight on DIY styling, locally sourced produce, independently run suppliers & inspiring emerging talent.
  • With the average UK wedding costing an eye watering £20k and up, we’re going to focus on sharing inspiring stories from couples of all ages who have turned their DIY & boho inspired dreams into a reality, pulling off their destination & at home weddings on a budget of £15k & under.
  • Sharing our favourite newlyweds won’t be the only people we’ll be speaking to! Each week we’ll bring you top tips & inside advice from seasoned professionals as well as hearing from brides & grooms to be in all stages of their engagement as they diarise their experiences as they navigate through planning their wedding, just like you!
  • We’ll also be sharing honeymoon destinations, collections & planning tips from across the globe to help fly you on your way…

So if you’re reading this while being squished on your morning commute, switching between this article & your family WhatsApp wedding group, and trying to pin your favourite table placements at the same time- then this blog is for you!

Let us spark your imagination, pass on our knowledge & cross off some of the tasks on your list, as planning should never get in the way of the excitement of your upcoming special day, it should be part of it!

Because we at W+P believe in many things, but the one thing we believe in the most is that there are better ways to spend your time, like loving your Fiancé & enjoying being engaged than worrying about your wedding…period!

This is your journey & these are our stories

Welcome to the collective

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