GRACE & HUGH: A stunning Yorkshire wedding inspired by the Peak District…on a budget of £4000!

W+P are thrilled to be introducing our first real wedding couple Grace and Hugh! This dream team hail from a place that Annie from W+P likes to call ‘our city of love’ but to others, it’s known affectionately as steel city… Sheffield Sth Yorkshire!

Grace was introduced to Hugh by a friend who worked with him at a bar in their hometown of Sheffield. Friendship quickly turned into romance, as Hugh asked Grace out on a date on the king of all days- Valentine’s Day. Remembering a passing comment made by Grace as she reminisced about the awesome times she had in Scarborough as a child, Hugh was determined to recreate those memories on their first date. Fast forward 9 years, they celebrated their anniversary in the exact same spot last month!

Their engagement however wasn’t as textbook, with Grace deciding that now would be a great time for them to get hitched! So Grace put her thoughts & heart to paper, writing Hugh a letter which she kept up her sleeve for a week, waiting for the right time to give it to him. So when she got home from her run, she shoved the letter into Hugh’s hand and sat next to him as he read it. “It didn’t say the words ‘will you marry me?’ in it but I asked him if he knew what I was getting at and he said yes!”

© Kindred Photography

It didn’t take the couple long to get cracking, with Grace “starting to plan the wedding pretty much as soon as Hugh had agreed!” It was important for the couple to have as much family there to witness their special day and without wanting to be plan a wedding for over a year- time was off the essence!

But as much as Grace & Hugh wanted to share their exciting news with everyone, they gave each other time to “let it settle” for a week before telling their parents. However while they waited, the couple knew that they wanted a “no fuss wedding in our beloved Sheffield” so were quick to set a date and book a venue. So when they did announce their engagement, they had a confirmed location & date in order to tackle the next inevitable question from friends and family…where & when?

As a fellow wife of a Sheffielder it is a tradition to marry at Sheffield’s Town Hall, with Annie from W+P and Grace, witnessing many friends’ weddings at this iconic and beautiful venue. So when it came to Grace and Hugh’s big day, it was a no brainer.

“We had the service at Sheffield Town Hall because it is central to the city where we both met and live together. It is in the middle of the bustling city centre so we knew that we would be surrounded by Sheffielders going about their business on the day!”

So with just a click of a button online, the Town Hall was booked for the ceremony.

© Kindred Photography

“The ceremony itself was lovely & simple. We had our friend read ‘Ride a White Swan’ by T-Rex as one of the readings, which was hilarious.”

© Kindred Photography

The couple’s special day was captured by the wonderfully talented Shelley from Kindred Photography, an old friend of Grace. As Shelley and Grace had been friends for years, she had been dreaming of capturing their wedding – with Grace even changing the wedding date to fit around Shelley’s already booked up schedule! Grace & Hugh didn’t need much pre planning with Shelley, instead putting their trust into their photographer “I just knew Shelley would capture the moments we wanted”

© Kindred Photography
The Bride and Groom were greeted by waiting friends as they left the Town Hall © Kindred Photography

After the ceremony, the couple took advantage of the abundance of beauty surrounding the city centre location,moving next door to the Winter Gardens to take‘formal’ photos amongst the greenery.

© Kindred Photography

Then Shelley spontaneously suggested they drive out in the camper van to Burbage – about 20 minutes  out of the city. “Being one of our favourite places, we went with it! It was so much fun trudging over the paths we usually go on runs along, and I’m so glad we had the photos up there. It’s a memory I’ll keep forever.”

© Kindred Photography

Grace & Hugh love to escape out to the peak district & surrounding countryside for regular walks, with the beautiful scenery playing a large contributing factor to their over aching ‘green’ theme & Yorkshire wedding inspiration.

The couple were inspired by the Peak Distract & the green of the local countryside for their Yorkshire wedding theme © Kindred Photography

Grace has been a bridal model for years and was lucky to be able to pull some favours from the friends & contacts she has made along the way. Those favours resulted in Grace & Hugh pulling off their wedding on an very envious budget of £4000, a quarter of the UK national average! At the end of the day the couples main aim was to save as much as they could for their honeymoon in Japan, with the bride wisely saying ‘A wedding is only a day’

The bride had always planned on buying a vintage wedding dress online, but when it came to it, she couldn’t look past a new bespoke creation made & designed by her good friend Kate Beaumont. Taking elements from Kate’s collection & with Grace modelling her creations for many years, she had a good understanding of what suited the bride to be before she even started!

Grace & Kate worked together for 6 months, taking elements from her existing collection that Grace loved to turn it into her own one of a kind wedding dress. Having something that was comfortable and you could dance in was important for the Bride, opting for a relaxed cut with t-shirt sleeves for ultimate booging opportunities.

The bride wore her own custom made wedding dress made by Kate Beaumont ©Kindred Photography

Although Grace was used to wearing heavy shoot make up for modelling, in her personal life she prefers a more natural look, ensuring that that continued on her big day “I wanted to look like me and not a stranger”

So she & Jenn Edwards– her hair & make up artist & again old friend- created a 1940’s style up do which made Grace feel “glowing from the inside”. Her bride squad wore vintage inspired lace detailed dresses from Asos, with stunning Foliage ‘peak district’ inspired flower crowns made by Tracy Campbell of Campbell Flowers.

Bridesmaids dresses from Asos Bridal collection
© Kindred Photography

Another way the Bride & Groom saved costs was by arranging & growing their own flowers. They ordered 2 buckets of seasonal wild flowers from a Hollow Meadows, a local flower grower based just out of Sheffield, with Grace’s Mum planting flowers in her own allotment especially for the big day. Grace’s Mum & family helped arrange the bouquets themselves, knowing that their flowers were made with love.

The reception was held at the Burton Street Project – a restaurant & bar run by a local charity which was also a scene from the infamous Yorkshire film The Full Monty. The Burton Street Project support young people with special needs to help them get into work, and  knowing that their wedding was supporting a good cause was a very important deciding factor for the couple when picking a reception space.

Guests were served delicious canapes on arrival, and the couple stepped away from the traditional sit down meal, instead opting for a full buffet serving a range of dishes to ensure that there were less fuss & more choices for the guests.

For dessert, the couple had a cake buffet, encouraging their guests to get involved by partaking in a ‘Best in Show’ competition! The Bride & Groom then judged their guests creations & gave prizes for the winners with their main cake being a huge Pork Pie…how Yorkshire!

© Kindred Photography

DIY was a very important part of the couple’s wedding, with many of their talented friends rolling up their sleeves to contribute & saving loads of money in the process. The bride & groom ordered much of their stock from Ebay, including the favours of penny sweets & Easter chicks to reflect the spring wedding. Vases were replaced with recycled beer bottles with the décor being styled by “us, not a stranger so the wedding felt ‘ours’”

© Kindred Photography

The table settings were made from leaves they picked up from the local park with names written in gold – easy and environmentally friendly with no paper wasted!

The couple kept the traditions that they loved and ignored the ones that they didn’t agree with – with Grace also speaking at the reception “as I didn’t agree with the traditional idea that only men could give speeches – and I knew I had plenty to say! – Hugh’s speech has been widely acclaimed as the funniest speech people have ever heard. It was perfect and totally reflected our silly and fun filled relationship.”

The couple ended their night by crowd surfing their way out of the venue which the couple agree was an ideal way to end the day.

“The whole day was filled with joy from beginning to end. There were so many moments where I wish I could have frozen time and it could have gone on forever.”

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