JENNY + WILL: A nature inspired DIY mountain woodland wedding

W+P are thrilled to share this week’s real wedding of Jenny + Will – A picturesque mountain woodland wedding set in the stunning forest surroundings of Colorado!

Jenny a nursing major & Will a interdisciplinary major and budding photographer first met 2.5 years ago at their college in Oklahoma. Originating from Arizona and Colorado respectfully, if it wasn’t for their education, they would of never crossed paths! Not shy of hard work and being exposed to full the cost of weddings, Will also worked part time at a coffee shop while studying and balancing his growing wedding photography business to save up for their own special day in the future.

After witnessing Jenny quote every single line from every Disney movie they ever watched together, Will knew there was only one place that would be suitable for his once in a lifetime Fairy-tale proposal – making the trip all the way from Oklahoma to surprise Jenny with a trip to Florida’s Disneyland. “He pulled out all the stops for the proposal!  It was nothing short of magical!”

“I scored my wedding dress from a Bridal store in my hometown, Gilbert Arizona. The price was right and it was beautiful!” Jenny’s vintage veil was made from part of her mothers veil worn on her wedding day. Her sister used the other half of the veil when she married just a few months later. Photo Credit: Sincerely Sims Photography + Becca Bloodworth Photography

The couple opted to leave Micky safely at the Magic Castle, both having the desire to incorporate nature into their wedding theme by getting married outdoors in a forested area. While visiting Manitou Springs near Will’s hometown, they stumbled across a beautiful and secluded mountaintop. They knew instantaneously that this was the spot they wanted to commit to each other.

Photo Credit: Sincerely Sims Photography + Becca Bloodworth Photography

Organising a wedding from Oklahoma while studying without a wedding planner was challenging for the couple. Jenny recalls “Planning was difficult due to the whole ‘I live in a different state’ factor, but overall everything turned out great! My family did everything they could to help me pull our wedding together.”

Photo Credit: Sincerely Sims Photography + Becca Bloodworth Photography

Jenny + Will had planned to get married near the mountain top, but due to unexpected rain, the ceremony and reception was moved to a nearby neighborhood clubhouse.  Family and Friends went above and beyond to help transition the space from a dirty and rugged clubhouse to an elegant and eclectic venue in lightening speed!

The Bride’s Dad married the happy couple, a decision that the couple do not regret! “I wouldn’t have had it any other way, even though it created a lot of tears!” Photo Credit: Sincerely Sims Photography + Becca Bloodworth Photography

“My favorite part of the day was hearing Will’s vows to me.  He’s more on the ‘reserved’ side, so hearing his vows really touched me.  That, and he said “I love you Jenny” in Forrest Gump’s voice at the end of his vows.  That was great.”

Photo Credit: Sincerely Sims Photography + Becca Bloodworth Photography

“Another memorable moment was getting all the way down to the base of the mountain (a 45 minute drive) after the wedding to realize that we forgot to sign the marriage license, and having to drive all the way back-up in the middle of a lightening storm.  That was fun!”

Photo Credit: Sincerely Sims Photography + Becca Bloodworth Photography
Will and his groomsmen all wore shirts for H&M with a pair of simple khaki colored pants and leather shoes. Photo Credit: Sincerely Sims PhotographyBecca Bloodworth Photography

“We are so blessed for our friends and families! Our venue location will always be remembered because of all of the hard work and teamwork that was put into making our wedding day so special.”

Jenny’s sister was her bridesmaid, purchasing her gown from the same bridal shop as Jenny’s wedding gown. Photo Credit: Sincerely Sims Photography + Becca Bloodworth Photography

Weather and logistics aside, another challenge the couple overcame was making their limited budget stretch as far as it could. With the majority of the weddings decorations and styling being made by family and friends, “Our DIY projects included about 99% of our wedding decor! Everything from the bouquet to the table centerpieces were DIY.” Jenny also painstakingly arranged all the flowers including her breathtaking bridal bouquet!

Jenny’s Top DIY Flower Tips:  “Don’t stress about making the flowers “look perfect”. Flowers are already beautiful, it’s nearly impossible to mess up arranging them!  Stick with colors that you like, and if you can’t afford fresh flowers, fake flowers are perfectly fine!  Local craft stores and online suppliers have a great selection.”

The couples rustic semi naked cake was lovingly made by Creative Cake by Carol in Colorado Springs Photo Credit: Sincerely Sims Photography + Becca Bloodworth Photography

Jenny being from Arizona is a big fan of Mexican Food so guests chowed down to a Mexican buffet finished with a delicious banana nut cake with raspberry filling for dessert. ” Neither Will and I are very ‘fancy or proper’, so we went for a nice rustic look on the cake.  It was SO yummy.  Now that I think of it, the cake testing was Will’s favorite part of the wedding! We had a “dry wedding” to respect many of the guests who attended.  But I may or may not have taken a swig of something before walking down the aisle to calm the nerves…” EDITOR’S NOTE: Jenny we don’t blame you! 

Photo Credit: Sincerely Sims Photography + Becca Bloodworth Photography

So what parting words of advice can our lovely Bride from Arizona give our W+P readers?

1. Don’t get caught up in all the details that you forget about your spouse and the special moments during the day!
2.  Wear waterproof mascara.  Actually just wear waterproof everything.
3.  You’re the bride, so no one can judge you Dancing like an idiot.
4. Don’t forget to sign your marriage license.
5. Include family as much as possible.  They really do want to help, and it’s a great opportunity for bonding.
6.  Pray a lot and remember, it’s just one day that will be made perfect by the couple, not by the vendors and the location.

We couldn’t of said it better ourselves! We wish you a lifetime of magic castle moments in the future Jenny + Will!




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