HAYLEY + SCOTT: An eclectic & oh so colourful waterfront Australian wedding – Bohemian DIY wedding ideas

Are you a engaged and on the look out for Bohemian DIY wedding ideas that pop with endless colour? Do you love DIY so much that ‘craft’ is your middle name and your other love is the hot glue gun? Well W+P readers, you’ve met your bridal match!

This week we take a look at the real wedding of Hayley+Scott – an awe-inspiring and oh so colourful Australian waterfront wedding planned in only 6 months! Be prepared for some serious Bohemian DIY wedding ideas and colour-pop WEDspiration. From handmade decorations, home made wedding cakes, right down to the Bride’s ombre died wedding gown….

Hayley (a graphic designer) and Scott (a massage therapist) from Sydney first met in true Aussie fashion down at the local RSL pub while out with friends. Hayley’s mate Amy spotted Scott as ’the massage guy’, remembering him from another meeting a few years ago where Scott had provided treatment for Amy’s family. Using this ‘small world’ opportunity as an ice breaker, Amy introduced the pair and from that night, a flirtatious friendship started to blossom, growing into a romance that has lasted over 6 years.

bohemian diy wedding ideas hayley scott portrait
Photo Credit: Russell Stafford Photography 

Hayley + Scott bought their first apartment 2 years ago. Home is their favourite place to be together so there was no better location for Scott to pop the question as the couple were casually settling down for the evening making dinner. The bride recalls “I was going into our room to change and Scott was there, getting something from under the bed. He turned around with a ring box and an amazing black diamond ring! He designed it himself with a jeweller and it’s absolutely perfect.”

Being a designer for custom carpets and commercial projects, Hayley has a great eye for detail, colours and patterns. “I love a eclectic bohemian style, and was so glad to have the chance to work on wedding projects that were totally my style and palette. We set out to create a joyous and fun mood – I like to call our theme Boho-Fresh!”

bohemian diy wedding ideas peace love heart wedding arbor
Hayley + Scott’s wedding colour scheme was hot pink, orange, turquoise with hints of purple and leafy green. With the help of her family, Hayley made all their decorations including this one of a kind Peace Love Heart wedding arbor used for their ceremony Photo Credit: Russell Stafford Photography 

When it came to selecting a venue, the couple opted for the waterfront location of Clarke’s Point Reserve in Woolwich NSW as they wanted a beautiful outdoor setting for their ceremony. Getting the party started straight away with minimal guest travel time was important, while having the flexibility to bring in their own suppliers and style it the way they wanted. When they found the beautiful Hunters Hill Sailing club just 100m away, they knew it was a perfect match for their reception!

bohemian diy wedding ideas the hand fasting waterfront ceremony
The grooms favourite moment was seeing his stunning bride walk down the aisle. Gold star Scott! Photo Credit: Russell Stafford Photography 

The Bride and Groom were married by celebrant Mary Ord “She was fabulous, offering lots of ways to make the ceremony really personal and had a lovely energy and quirky style.”

“We opted for a hand fasting ritual. We loved the meaning of this as well as the theatre of it. We used ribbons from my bouquet – it was a pretty moment.”

bohemian diy wedding ideas hand fasting ceremony
Ribbons from the bride’s bouquet were used for the hand fasting ritual, tying in their colour theme to the overall ceremony. Photo Credit: Russell Stafford Photography 

But what was most important to the bride and groom, was ensuring that their guests had fun on their big day…

Photo Credit: Russell Stafford Photography 

And that their colour theme reflected the playfulness of the day as well as their tastes.

The flowers were locally sourced from Sydney’s flower marketIncorporating feathers and ribbons, “The flowers were abundant, vibrant and sexy” Photo Credit: Russell Stafford Photography 

The bride’s stunning yet very cost effective 2 piece ‘bollywood’ inspired wedding gown was a creation of love! Spotted while shopping with her mum, the dress was originally a full length one piece. Hayley remodelled and embellished the one of a kind find to create a top and skirt as she loved the midriff look. The vintage pearl buttons were her ‘something old’ gifted by her mother in law with her friend providing a lovely piece of lace that was dyed and finished with crystals.

Hayley handmade a slip for the underlining of the skirt and then the mother of the bride experimented with fit dyes, finishing the underlay with an amazing ombre dye from peach to turquoise to match the overall colour theme.

bohemian diy wedding ideas ombre died 2 piece wedding gown
White and peach were added to the decorations to keep the theme ‘fresh’ while complimenting the brides gown. Photo Credit: Russell Stafford Photography 

“This took quite a few experiments and it was quite a challenge but the result was absolutely perfect and I loved it. I had a dressmaker put the skirt together and he did an amazing job of using a piece of lace as the waist band.

I made my headpiece out of a small one that I already had, and added more feathers, tulle and netting. The rit dye also worked on the feathers – another interesting experiment.”

bohemian diy wedding ideas custom feathered headpiece
The brides stunning headpiece was re worked from an pre owned item complimenting her ‘feather like’ hair styling and accessories Photo Credit: Russell Stafford Photography 

Both loving the mis-matched look, the Groom and his best man (his brother) wore beige linen jackets from Peter Jackson and navy trousers. Scott wore a white shirt also from Peter Jackson, featuring a check pattern in blue and orange to match the theme, finished with a gorgeous orange feathered label pin.

bohemian diy wedding ideas mismatched groom looks
Scott and his brother had fun with mis-matched look while tying in the colour theme with pocket squares and label pins Photo Credit: Russell Stafford Photography 

The bride took on the flower arranging task with love, pride and passion. Taking a trip to Sydney’s Flower Market 2 days before the wedding, “it was a little overwhelming but we chose really well.  We went with a variety of greenery, and bright coloured flowers of different sizes, and of course, baby’s breath. I had never been before and I didn’t have any pre-conceived ideas about what flowers I wanted. For me, it was just about getting the right colours.”

Making all the bouquets and table decorations with the help of the family the night before the wedding, it became a bonding experience that the bride will remember forever. “My favourite part of planning was spending time with my parents, working on projects together. Scott was also great with discussions and decision making, and was a big help on the day doing some final setup with our friends.”

bohemian diy wedding ideas mismatched bridal party looks
The bride’s bouquet incorporated more pastel colours, with white and hints of peach in Hypericum berries bound together with trailing coloured ribbons. The bride’s maid of honour (her best friend) was asked to choose her own dress in a bright colour. “I loved what she found, the bright coral colour looked amazing on her” Photo Credit: Russell Stafford Photography 

Bohemian DIY wedding ideas – The Reception

Styling the reception venue was a breeze with a little help from Rebecca and her team at Fairytale events .“She made everything so easy, and worked with our ideas so that we still had a big creative input.” The venue supplied the tables and chairs, with Rebecca creating backdrops for the top table.”

bohemian diy wedding ideas colourful wedding reception styling
Family and friends also pitched in with their DIY projects, collecting 130 glass jars and bottles over a 6 month period. “We now have label removal down to a fine art.” Photo Credit: Russell Stafford Photography 

Fairy lights and bird cages hung from the ceiling, with a handmade flower chandelier taking centre stage which really set the mood.

bohemian diy wedding ideas colourful handmade floral chandelier
Hayley made this stunning chandelier all by herself! This attention grabbing creation began her affair with the hot glue gun! Made of artificial flowers collected over time, with hanging recycled crystals, finished with hot pink feathers for texture and depth. “Once I got going, I had to hang the chandelier in the shower to work on it, but man it was fun to make!” Photo Credit: Russell Stafford Photography 

Naturally sourced and recycled items were also used for table setting decorations. Tying in flowers, ribbons and feathers to suit the overall theme.

Hayley’s Bohemian DIY wedding ideas tip: “Use artificial flowers so you can make all your decorations way in advance, they looked so real while still giving off the right vibe.” 

bohemian diy wedding ideas colourful wood feathered table setting
Photo Credit: Russell Stafford Photography 

The bride even made her own table runners! Designing and making a custom printing block, Hayley’s Dad set up a work bench so they could create an family assembly line to print, finish the edges (the whole 72m of it!) and hang them up to dry.

Hayley’s Bohemian DIY wedding ideas tip: Use pinking shears to finish the runner edges as it is far more time efficient method than hemming.

bohemian diy wedding ideas colourful hand printed table runners
Guests were given wedding favours of natural crystals placed in white satin bags tied with small charms. Each bag had a thank you note and a short description explaining the crystals healing properties. “We mixed them up as our thought was that the right crystal would find the right person.” Photo Credit: Russell Stafford Photography 

Piquant Catering ensured that the guests never went hungry! Serving mouth watering canapés, roving entrees and a sit down main meal. Their delicious menu included peking duck pancakes, smoked ocean trout with shaved fennel, lamb and Rosemary pie with Piquant tomato chutney and breast of chicken on potato frittata with artichoke, pine nuts, crisp lardon and saffron vinaigrette.

Afterwards, guests tucked into a home-made dessert bar lovingly made by the Bride and Groom’s Mums and family friends. Their wedding cake was a delicious chocolate cake with a maltezer filled centre base with a top tiered flourless cake.

bohemian diy wedding ideas colourful handmade floral wedding cake
Scott’s mum handmade their beautifully decorated wedding cake. Taking guidance from Pinterest images supplied by the couple, “She really made it her own and did a fantastic job!” Photo Credit: Russell Stafford Photography 

Hayley’s mum also made 2 different types of gorgeous cupcakes. The dessert bar was filled by sliced made by a good friend and a cheese board for the savoury lovers.  “We had little takeway boxes so guests could take dessert home, and there was nothing left behind.”

bohemian diy wedding ideas colourful handmade wedding cupcakes
The brides mum hand made these adorable floral cupcakes, complimenting the Turquoise wedding decor and wedding cake. Photo Credit: Russell Stafford Photography 

The couple cut down on costs by buying the alcohol themselves from Dan Murphys.  “This was challenging but so worth it, saving a lot of money while being able to return what you don’t use.”

Any parting advice for our Boho DIY couples planning their big day? 

“My advice to couples planning their wedding, would be to just keep moving, especially if you have creative projects. I kept a list of every task that came to mind, even the smallest things like ‘buy stamps’, and I made sure I crossed off something every day, working on the creative projects over the weekend.”

Hayley + Scott look forward to their next chapter together, eventually welcoming furry friends & little ones into their lives in the future as they continue to excel in their chosen careers. Scott runs a massage course at a private college and Hayley has chosen to keep the bridal DIY dream alive, launching her own bespoke decoration design, ceremony styling, and graphic design company for weddings and special events.

Love their weddings style? Visit www.hayleyfitzmaurice.com.au

bohemian DIY wedding ideas hayley and scott
Photo Credit: Russell Stafford Photography 


Photography: Russell Stafford Photography / Reception Venue: Hunters Hill Sailing Club / Catering: Piquant / Celebrant: Mary Ord from Marry Me Mary / Decorator: Fairytale Events / Graphic Design, Decoration & Ceremony Styling: Hayley Fitzmaurice DJ & Music: Ritchie Matosa / Cool Room Hire: Lewis Hamilton from Ad Cold









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