DIY wedding flowers: A planning + budgeting guide in collaboration with Hollow Meadows Flowers

Last week we brought you the real wedding of Jenny + Will, set in the breathtaking mountain tops of a Colorado forest. A beautiful rustic wedding lovingly prepared by two lovers, and their family and friends. With DIY wedding flowers and bouquets that looked so professional, you would off never guessed they were made by the same bride holding them! Because just like us, Jenny + Will decided to take the wedding florist challenge into their bare hands. This week we’ve teamed up with Rachel from Hollow Meadows Flowers as we give our local flower growers & florists a bridal nod of appreciation and pick up some sound DIY wedding flowers advice in the process! Why we chose to take […]

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A name change isn’t a game changer – How Grief made me cherish my maiden name and why it’s here to stay…for now!


More and more people are opting for a name change after marriage with a record 85,000 new names registered in 2015 by  deed poll in the UK. With the cost of weddings only increasing, couples are taking on each others names to mark their love and commitment as an alternative to walking down the expensive aisle!  As an excited B2B, one of the things I looked forward to the most was to stand side by side with my Dad as I took my final steps as a unmarried woman, embarking on my new life with my gorgeous Husband to be. But sadly just four months before our wedding, the Father of the Bride was handed a new role from […]

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An unconventional bride & her 3 dresses – Top wedding gown buying tips in collaboration with MaudiKa

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve been obsessed with wedding dress shops. To my 5 year old brain, it was THE place you became a Princess. But for this head strong budding shopaholic to be told that those doors were shut until a ring was put on my finger….was a concept I was SOOO not down with. But alas I waited patiently and when the time finally came, I loved the experience so much I found ‘the one’ not once, but three times! With a few bumps and exciting hurdles along the way, I soon realised that my experience was shaping up to involve more ‘unconventional bride’ moments than childhood princess fantasies. So it was important that I […]

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