Been too busy planning to go? Here’s the best London wedding supplier picks from this year’s National Wedding Show

Wedding shows are a fantastic way to bring your squad together while getting to know an array of suppliers (and inevitably their discounts!) in one conveniently, pimped up decorated booth location. But their not for everyone! ‘The crowds are too big’, ‘You’re not paying attention’, ‘That’s it I’ve had enough i’m coming back with your mother!‘ Those were the passing comments Annie from W+P picked up before she had even walked through the London NWS’s main doors! So we’ve taken a hit for the team & done the hard work for you sifting through the aisle’s of over 250 stalls to find the best London wedding suppliers so you don’t have to! So if your natural habitat is […]

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GRACE & HUGH: A stunning Yorkshire wedding inspired by the Peak District…on a budget of £4000!

W+P are thrilled to be introducing our first real wedding couple Grace and Hugh! This dream team hail from a place that Annie from W+P likes to call ‘our city of love’ but to others, it’s known affectionately as steel city… Sheffield Sth Yorkshire! Grace was introduced to Hugh by a friend who worked with him at a bar in their hometown of Sheffield. Friendship quickly turned into romance, as Hugh asked Grace out on a date on the king of all days- Valentine’s Day. Remembering a passing comment made by Grace as she reminisced about the awesome times she had in Scarborough as a child, Hugh was determined to recreate those memories on their first date. Fast […]

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We’re engaged! So what do we do now? The first 10 steps to planning a wedding

Planning a weding the top 10 tips engaged couple jumping in the sea

If you’re reading this you’ve probably recently added a new word to your vocab and for some of you, there’s a new sparkle in your eye that’s not just from your ring finger…so let me firstly start by saying CONGRATULATIONS! Getting engaged is one of the most exciting and loved up periods of your life, but with everyone being equally excited around you, it can be overwhelming at times. All the questions and wedding planning shifts your brain into overdrive and you find yourself in a panic asking ‘what the hell do I do now’? But don’t fear! Planning a wedding is a fantastic & fun adventure…with the right information to help you along the way! So let […]

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